Continuing our efforts to leverage advanced technology to address critical health challenges of our time, is developing a data science-based solution to understand and predict the impact of Vaccine Hesitancy on continued infections and hospitalizations due to COVID-19 with its COVID-19 Vaccine Agent-based Model, or VAX-ABM.

Agent-based modeling (ABM) is an innovative solution that is widely utilized at to model complex human behavior. Leveraging real-world data on mobility, COVID cases, and vaccination rates, the VAX-ABM simulates the interaction within and among communities with disparate vaccine uptake to deliver new insights into future case levels, hospitalizations, as well as ongoing health and economic impact from the pandemic.

The VAX-ABM can inform emergency response personnel and public health decision makers on how to both address vaccine hesitancy and provide visibility into potential future case levels. A critical facet of the next phase of pandemic response is the anticipation of community transmission and needs. This model and its deductions will:

  • Predict case, hospitalization, and mortality levels across populations.
  • Deliver deep-level insights to optimize proactive and reactive resource allocation.
  • Provide actionable data on the economic cost of case counts, hospitalizations, and deaths within a geographic area or healthcare system.

The VAX_ABM is replicable to all health conditions where disparate levels of care received across the population can influence health outcomes. This model and its insight can be used in conjunction with’s other broad spectrum of geospatial health risk indices to form an even more powerful tool in the fight against infectious disease outbreaks.

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