Our GeoAI solutions for disease modeling allow us to track the spread of disease – infectious, chronic, and social.

This allows us to anticipate and inform health systems, health plans, regulators, insurers, the global health and emergency response communities, as well as organizations of all types on future health crises as well as the resources needed to intervene and mitigate those crises. has produced industry- and disease-specific models to identify and mitigate the impact of potential future pandemics. provides the following solutions to Health Risk Insights to Healthcare and Broader Markets:

  • Subscriptions to unique, novel health and social dataset(s) to augment existing risk analysis efforts.
  • Licenses to Risk Indices allowing organizations to anticipate health challenges and related broader market impacts.
  • Development of tailored data feeds and Risk Indices focused on specified metrics or outcomes.

Tackling Health Equity

Address Health Inequity

Identifying Care Deserts

Health Risk Insights

Provide Health Risk Insights

GeoAI for Disease Modeling

We have developed solutions designed to take advantage of unique environments:

Smart Cities


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