Social Determinants

We collect social determinants of health (SDOH) to asses the impact they have on the risk of adverse health outcomes as well as on health inequity within our communities. Our work gives us advanced insights into the relationship between SDOH and health outcomes.

Social Determinants Based Risk Adjustment Factor

The GeoHealth Platform leverages and trends data on healthcare costs and outcomes, as well as social and environmental determinants of health (SDoH) to identify the range of health care costs attributable to specific, key SDOH factors at a population, health system, and local level.

This forms a novel and unique means of creating a SDOH-based risk adjustment factor allowing:

  • Health systems and providers to understand the drivers of health costs – and the potential gains from social and community interventions planned to address those specific social factors.
  • Health plans and insurers to determine member premiums, make coverage determinations, and access the risk of insuring a given patient population.

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