Office Safety Index

Office Safety Index

Our Office Safety Index (OSI) is a sophisticated AI-based solution for identifying the risk of disease transmission in an office environment. Using the OSI, employers can develop cost-effective mitigation strategies to return employees safely to the office and restore confidence in the workplace.

The Problem

Employers want to bring employees back into the workplace, and want to make sure they can do it without exposing employees and their families to unnecessary health risks.

Our Solution

The Office Safety Index allows employers, property managers, building owners, to understand the current health risks posed by their workplaces as well as design and assess mitigations targeting the specific risk factors at each location.

  • Leverages our proprietary Transmission Risk Index, which tracks the spread of COVID-19 and is used by the WHO globally.
  • Produces actionable information on disease transmission risk levels in any workplace.
  • Assesses mitigations in terms of the transmission risk reduction achieved.
  • Enables scenario mapping such as varying time in the workplace, lunch hours, break times, bringing employees back to the office by functional area or teams, upgrades to environmental systems, etc.

The impact of different mitigation measures on Office Safety


Layout modeling for occupancy and mobility calculation of the fictional workplace in the TV show “The Office”

Flexible and rapid assessment of workplace risk and mitigation measures to:

  • Provide guidance on operational practices that minimize transmission risk and reduce operational costs.
  • Tailor safety to specific employee and employer needs, now and going forward.

Enjoy this video spoof on the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company leveraging the Office Safety Index to help return to work.

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