Identifying Care Deserts

Our Care Desert initiative is an important step in increasing awareness of the often overlooked issue of lack of access to healthcare services and resources – especially among the most vulnerable. Care Deserts are locations where health resources are severely deficient and may constitute a significant barrier to care for all who live within the desert. We analyze and publicize how geography can contribute to public health concerns and how to best address these concerns.

By identifying where Care Deserts exist across the United States, is leading the initiative to reveal how our geography can contribute to both health problems and likewise, health solutions.


Care Desert Solutions

Our Care Desert solutions are available over the Esri Marketplace.

Pharmacy Desert Analysis

Please see our blog and Esri Story Map for additional information and an example of this analysis. The challenges caused by Pharmacy Deserts are discussed in our White Paper.

Women’s Healthcare Desert Analysis

Responsive to the recent SCOTUS decision, we are pleased to announce our Women’s Healthcare Desert Analysis, dealing with women’s overall healthcare needs as well as reproductive health issues. The analysis will help policy makers at the federal, state, and local levels address the health and broader implications stemming from this legal decision. It will also help the health industry adjust to potential shifting patient needs. The challenges caused by Women’s Healthcare Desert are discussed in our White Paper as well as in our Story Map.

Kidney/Dialysis Desert Analysis (coming soon)

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