Health Risk Insights

We have a novel and patented process for developing actionable health risk insights supporting health departments, health systems, the global public health and emergency response communities, as well as all organizations faced with health disasters. 

Our process involves the curation and geocoding of large sets of social and environmental determinants of health (SDOH) data along with outcomes and cost data from global authoritative sources, for visualization and analysis through our geospatial platform and advanced ML, AI, and data science models. The result of which allows us to understand the interaction between SDOH and health outcomes – enabling us to both predict the spread of disease and the specific factors that influence that spread. 

Based on this understanding, we have developed numerous risk indices that identify both the risk of disease spread and the resources (e.g., clinical staffing, medical supplies, devices, pharmaceuticals, and other resources) needed to treat those impacted – as well as develop effective intervention methods to spot the spread.

Facilitating Emergency Health Response

OGC Disasters Pilot 2021 Demonstration

Health Risk Indices

We have developed a number of Health Risk Indices that are available as point solutions or as a suite of solutions addressing today’s health challenges.

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