Flight Safety Index

Flight Safety Index

FSI is a sophisticated decision reinforcement tool that identifies the risk of in-flight disease transmission and assesses the value of health and safety mitigations in terms of disease transmission risk reduction on a per flight, per aircraft basis.


Figure 1: ↑ ~12% safety increase determined by our Flight Safety Index by strategically reducing the number of passengers on a commercial Boeing 757-200 aircraft on a long-haul transcontinental flight.

Figure 2: Flight Safety Score: 22.94 for a DWF to IAD domestic flight on an Embraer ERJ 170-100. Our Airport Risk Index provides detailed local health risk information for commercial and private airports globally as part of the flight route.


Figure 3: Matrices encode cabin layouts and allow for computational analysis by our AI-modules using stochasticity (such as Agent-based models and Monte Carlo simulation) to data mine information related to our Flight Safety Index, including passenger distribution and passenger density.

  • Flexible and rapid integration into airline technical infrastructure
  • Provide guidance on operational practices that minimize transmission risk and reduces airline operational costs
  • Modeling of risk at the airport and through the boarding journey
  • Tailor safety to specific consumer needs, now and going forward

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