Economic Risk Index

Economic Risk Index

The Economic Risk Indices (ERI) are a collection of risk indices that enable insights into future economic activity at different aggregate levels – such as by geographic region or by industry. Leveraging our curated datasets and proprietary health risk indices, the ERI quantifies the impact of social and environmental factors on population health and correlates that impact with key market indictors.

Our innovative ERI allows industry to anticipate, prepare for, and take advantage of any shocks to economic activity from health risks at global, national, and local levels.

Case Study: COVID and Employment

An exploratory analysis of the potential relationship between economic activity and COVID-19 transmission risk – focusing on sector-specific employment.

Figure 1: Comparison of average weekly hours worked by employees and state-level Transmission Risk Index in (l to r) California, Illinois, and Florida.


Health impacts, both within and outside of disaster scenarios can help inform strategic investment and business decisions. Such analysis can help industry anticipate and prepare for health-related risks to operations, employees, and consumers.’s ERI quantifies the social, environmental, health dynamics on economic outcomes on both the national and local scale as seen through employment levels or any indicator or metric of interest. The end goal is to enable insights into future economic activity based on health risks.

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Enable organizations to anticipate and take advantage of health risks.