Early Pandemic Warning & Response Platform

As the COVID-19 crisis swept the world last spring, we successfully adapted our Health Risk Index to improve pandemic emergency response efforts with hyper-focused risk indices that nations and public health agencies have adopted worldwide to address critical needs tied to transmission risk, hospitalization, mortality, medical supply and device needs, testing, vaccination, and more.

Risk Indices

Transmission Risk Index

Mortality Risk Index

Medical Device Index

Medical Supply Index

Hospitalization Risk Index

Testing Needs Index

Vaccine Needs Index

Flight Safety Index

Office Safety Index

School Safety Index

Secondary Bacterial Infection Risk Index

Customer Success

Our Medical Supply Needs Index provided key insights into PPE needs for both buyers/users at health systems and state levels, as well as suppliers, manufacturers, and logistics firms, such as Portals Global, to effectively meet that need.

Through the GRAPH network, provided insights and risk maps of our Transmission and Mortality Risk Indices throughout the African continent.

Through the Open Geospatial Consortium, provided Transmission and Mortality Risk Indices in support of a Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)-led effort to respond to COVID-19 throughout the Central American region.

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