County Risk Index

The platform is designed to offer point-of-care decision support, anticipate future healthcare delivery needs, and serve the diverse needs of health systems, health plans, regulators and insurers.

Capabilities for County Governments

  1. Early Warning for Health Disasters
    • Platform monitors health conditions globally to provide advance notice of potential health disasters.
    • Enables improved & speedy response.
  2. Pandemic/Endemic Disease Response Solutions
    • Guides response efforts throughout the pandemic lifecycle.
    • Identifies broader market impacts of health risks and mitigation measures
  3. Effective Guidance on Health Mitigation Efforts
    • A comprehensive suite of Risk Indices to develop response efforts.
    • Provides a framework for reducing spread of disease, improve resource allocation.
    • To aid in coordination across all stakeholders.
    • Adjusts for social disparities known to impact pandemic/epidemic related health outcomes.

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