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To support our continued growth, we seek a Software Developer to join our Data Science Team. A key initial task is the building of a suite of APIs, specifically:

– Develop an initial RESTful API (preferably in python) that will serve GET requests enabling the downloading of data from our AWS RDS Postgres Database.  The API will need to have inbuilt querying functionality such as only retrieving records from a specific day or from a specific state.  In addition, the API should have individual keys for each customer that will limit what datasets they have access to based upon our monetization scheme.

– Develop additional APIs as necessary to fulfill the requirements of specific customer use cases.  Develop an API for internal use that can do GET, POST, UPDATE, DROP, etc. so that the API can be used as an alternative to direct database access for our developers.

– Stand up a credential management server to create and manage the API keys that will be produced based on the customers and monetization scheme.

Position Requirement:

– You have a strong Computer Science background with a demonstrable portfolio or examples of past work; You’re an author of clean and efficient code.

– You’re vastly experienced with Python, and Python frameworks such as NumPy, Pandas, and Sci-kit Learn.

– You’ve built machine learning pipelines end-to-end.

It would be great if:

– You have or are working towards a Masters or PhD in Computer Science or a STEM oriented field.
– You’re familiar with DevOps concepts and platforms: (Docker, AWS, and/or IBM Cloud).
– You’ve experimented with tech outside of the scope of data science! (e.g. JavaScript, HTML/CSS).

Position: Full-time, Part-time, and Contract position available.