AI-enabled Solutions for Health Analytics responded to the global pandemic and developed products to aid and improve response; and leverages this experience to provide health risk data and insights to broader markets. produces industry-specific models that support risk-based organizations including airlines, cruise lines, and schools, as well as a digital response platform to identify and mitigate the impact of potential future pandemics.

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Welcome to has built an innovative and unique health-focused spatial data infrastructure, called the GeoHealth Platform, that merges data on social determinants of health with social media data and health outcomes and costs to extract clinical insights. The Platform provides both point-of-care decision support, anticipates future healthcare delivery needs, and also serves the diverse needs of health systems, health plans, regulators and insurers.

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Under Strain from the Omicron Strain

SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, has mutated literally thousands of times on its journey to bring healthcare systems, economies, and entire nations globally to their knees. Scientists around the world are studying these variants furiously, and this is certainly true for the Omicron variant. Because the pandemic has taught us all about variants and […]

Pharmacy Deserts Across America

The United States’ diverse population, geography, and demographics create equally diverse levels of availability to healthcare resources. Not unlike the recently popularized term “food deserts”, “pharmacy desert” describes a disparity in access to essential services that provide a reasonable quality of life.   On November 18th, 2021, CVS announced the company would close 900 stores […]

A Look Into Party Affiliation & Vaccine Hesitancy 

Blog by Ajay K Gupta, CEO,, Jay R Etherton, Epidemiologist / Data Scientist,, Michael Temchine, Geospatial Analyst,, Madeline Lynch, The narrative surrounding vaccine hesitancy in America and other high-income countries is complicated and full of nuance. The “5C Model of the Drivers of Vaccine Hesitancy” outlines the five main determinants for […]

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