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Healthcare Systems today face unprecedented challenges from a variety of sources –

Global Climate Change | Aging Population | Rising Costs |Vastly Advancing Technology | Environmental Change | Cultural Change…

…We Have the Solutions

Read More About Us Services & Solutions supports health systems and health departments improve access to healthcare, address current and future healthcare needs, and lower the overall cost of care. 


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Ajay K Gupta, CISSP, MBA
Chief Executive Officer

Ram Peruvemba, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Luis Bermudez, Ph.D
Member of the Board

John Zaleski, Ph.D
Member of the Board

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Cracking the CODE on SDoH is ready and able to lead the charge on achieving the goals of the CODE Report and creating actionable processes around social data to improve people’s health and save on healthcare expenditures.

Healthy Smart Cities

As more cities adopt Smart City technologies, opportunities to leverage real-time data concerning the municipal resources, assets, and public services increase dramatically. By analyzing these diverse data streams from neighborhoods, schools, office buildings,...

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